"The years have passed like swift draughts of sweet mead in lofty halls beyond the West."

The Lord of the Rings

~J.R.R. Tolkien

A bard is forever on a quest to find and tell the greatest tale of all time, to seek adventures, to witness miraculous feats, and to share them with the world. Wandering Bard Meadery mead maker, Brian Daughhetee, has been on a 30 year journey of amateur beer, wine, and mead making and Wandering Bard Meadery is ready to share his odyssey of mead with you.

Brian Daughhetee


Brian Daughhetee

As Adam will tell you below he has been on me about starting a Meadery for a few years now. I first started brewing beer back in college after one of my friends came back from summer break in California and found out that people there were brewing their own beer. After some quick work with a slide rule and abacus we realized that we could drink much more economically under the "Brew Your Own" model. Fortunately, I am pretty Type A so I went from brewing for bulk to brewing for quality pretty quickly. It was not long before I was trying other styles of beverages and I produced my first Mead over Christmas break 1990. Since then I have been brewing Mead on a regular basis. I think what I like most about Mead is its uniqueness as a beverage. It's not a Wine. It's not a Beer. IT's MEAD! - and I love to tell its story and to share my passion with family and friends, especially the friends I have not yet met. Outside of the Meadery I have two wonderful daughters – one of whom wants to work at the Meadery. (When she's older and I told her she has to interview with Adam) I also have two dogs – a Black Lab (Alex) and a Somekindamix (Lizzy). Thank you all for all your support and I hope that you all really enjoy our Mead.

Adam Daughhetee

Operations Manager


I had been telling Brian for at least three years that he needed turn his brewing and meadmaking passion into business venture and now here we are. Originally from Maryland, I have now been a South Carolina resident for almost 13 years. After a stint in Columbia, I moved to Greenville and let me tell you, I love the Upstate. Greenville is steadily growing as a diverse artistic community and I'm glad to be a part of it. When not holding a fully functioning meadery together and getting the word out, I am working in the IT industry fixing computer networks and servers. Outside of "work" I can be found producing the Dollar Bin comic book podcast, soundmixing and boom operating for local films, creating an annual comic book zine with my lovely wife, Shawn, or cleaning up after our new puppy, Ranger.

Becky Blauvelt

Kitchen Manager


Becky joined up with Wandering Bard Meadery in 2019 as the South Carolina sales representative, but, with the growth of WBM into a full-time taproom with food, she has since returned to her passion of cooking as head chef at the meadery.

Penny Honea

Events and Memberships


Penny leads our Marketing, Membership, and Events - so if you want to learn more about our mead club or are interested in booking an upcoming event in our new space, she's your gal!

Looking for a place to host your next safely-spaced event? Want a place for your band to perform? Our new meadery is equipped with two stories AND a stage! We are now booking - and Penny is your gal! Just stop by and ask for her next time you're in, message us, or e-mail